Backup Configuration - Client and Server

To setup backups using Hyperoo you need to install both the Client and Server components.  The Hyperoo Server should be installed on the machine where files are to be backed up to.  The Hyperoo Client should be installed on the machine which contains the data to be backed up e.g. your Hyper-V host server.

Hyperoo works by running a backup operation on the Hyperoo Client, then transmitting new and modified data across the network to the Hyperoo Server.  The Hyperoo Server will maintain a complete and usable copy of all backed up files as per the last backup operation.

Things to consider when setting up Hyperoo are:

  • Hyperoo uses a TCP connection between the client and server components.  If you are using a firewall you may need to publish a port for the Hyperoo Server (default is 837)
  • If you are using Hyperoo to transmit data across a public network it is highly reccomended that you use the encryption option and protect access to the storage arrays on the server with a username and password.
  • On the first backup, Hyperoo will transmit all of the data as there will be no data on the Hyperoo Server to compare for differences.  This means that the first backup can take a long time for large files or folders.  Subsequent backups will be considerably faster since only new and modified data will be transmitted.


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