Configuring Network Settings

Network settings can be configured at two levels in the Hyperoo Client. You can define a main network configuration which can be used in one or more profiles, or you can configure the network settings for an individual profile to allow backups to utilize different Hyperoo backup servers.

Main Network Configuration

To set the main network configuration, click on the main "Network" tab.  The network settings must correspond with a configured Hyperoo Server (see here).  You must specify the host name (or IP address) and port for the Hyperoo Server.  If the server has been configured to use an encrypted network connection you must ensure that the correct password and key size are entered here. You may restrict network utilization by specifying a bandwidth limit and enable compression by selecting a compression level.  The bandwidth limit is applied per running profile, so if two profiles are running, each with a limit of 10KBps, the actual maximum network utilization will be 20KBps.

A typical configuration might look as follows:


Profile Level Network Configuration

You can specify the network settings for a profile in two ways.  First, you can use the main network settings by ticking the "Use main network settings" checkbox, or you can specify the network settings for the profile.  This allows you to target multiple Hyperoo servers from a single Hyperoo Client.

Using the main network configuration:


Once you have specified a network configuration it is a good idea to test it.  This can be done by configuring a profile to use the settings, then testing the network connection on the "Status Tab" (see here).

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