Testing Network Settings and Backups

You can test network connectivity and manually trigger a backup from the main "Schedule" tab.  The schedule tab also allows you to see if any backups are currently running.  You can start/stop/test backup profiles from the schedule tab.  Backups initiated by the schedule can run simultaneously.

The Schedule Tab


Testing Network Settings

You can perform a simple network test to ensure that the server, port and encryption settings are correct for a particular profile.  To do this, select the profile you wish to test using the drop-down menu, then click the "Test Profile" button. The test should only take a couple of seconds.  If the test fails you should check the following:

  • The server and port are correct and the Hyperoo Server is configured and running.
  • If you are using encryption, the password and key size settings are correct.
  • The connection is not impacted by network or firewall settings.


Triggering a Backup

To manually trigger a backup profile, select a profile from the drop-down menu then click the "Start Backup" button.  This will tell the scheduler to run this backup immediately.  When a backup profile is running, the scheduler will not initiate another backup for the same profile.  Different profiles will run simultaneously if their schedules overlap.

The Schedule Tab

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