Restoring Files

The Hyperoo Restore Utility allows files to be securely transferred from the remote Hyperoo Server.  In order to perform a restore, you must have first created a backup profile using the Hyperoo Client Config.  The Restore Utility works by connecting to the Hyperoo Server which corresponds to the profile you have selected and allows you to select one or more files and folders to restore.

The Restore Utility can be launched from the Windows Start menu, or from the Client Config using a button on the Restore tab.  Upon launching, you will see a window similar to that shown below.  Select a profile from the Profiles menu and click the Connect button.

Hyper-V Backup Restore: Main Window

When the connection to the remote server has been made you will be able to expand the tree view in the main window which will show the files and folders in the storage array.  If you are unable to view any files, close the Restore Utility, check the network settings for the profile using the Client Config and try again.


Select the files and folders to restore and specify a destination folder in the Restore files to: text box. Click the Restore Selected Files button to begin the restore.

While the files are being transferred you will see a progress window as shown below.  This window will display the progress and estimated time for the file currently being copied.  There is an Abort button should you wish to cancel the operation.

Hyper-V Backup Restore: Restore In Progress

Once all files have been copied, you will see the Restore Complete message as shown below.

Hyper-V Backup Restore: Restore Complete
A log file is generated for each restore and can be found in the C:\ProgramData\HyperooInc\Hyperoo\log folder.  Note that this path may vary depending on your system configuration.

If any errors occur during the restore operation, you will see a window as shown below. Error details can be found in the log file.

Hyper-V Backup Restore: Error Notification

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