Hyperoo Rewind

Hyperoo Rewind is simple, space saving way to automatically maintain a change history of your files.

The Hyperoo Rewind utility allows you to build a previous version of a file in a backup array.  This requires that you select the "Keep rollback files for this array" option on the Hyperoo Server config (see below).


With this option selected, Hyperoo will track file changes during backups and maintain a list of reverse differential files.  These files enable Hyperoo to reverse the changes that were made to a file during a backup making it possible to revert to an earlier version of the file.

By default Hyperoo will save rollback files using NTFS compression.  This option can be disabled if required.  This option will be ignored on file systems which do not support it.

The Hyperoo Rewind Utility has a very simple interface which allows you to rollback one file at a time (see below):


 Simply select the array in which your files reside and browse to the file you wish to roll back.  When the file is selected you will see a list of versions in the Versions window.  Select a version and specify an output folder and filename.  You can specify the existing file and roll it back in place, losing the current backup - but this could result in lost data if the rollback fails.  It is reccomended that you specify a new filename for the previous version and rebuild the file from scratch.  This will take longer but does not risk corrupting the existing file.

When you are ready, click "Build File" to build the version you have selected. 

Hyperoo Rewind does not integrate with Hyperoo Restore, so if you wish to use Hyperoo Restore to transfer a previous version to a remote server, you should first rebuild the file on the Hyperoo Server, then copy the file into the "Current_Backup" folder of the array.  Hyperoo Restore will then allow you to select the file and restore as normal.

Hyperoo Rewind will manage the number of versions maintained according to the settings on the Hyperoo Server config.  You can also manually delete versions using the Hyperoo Rewind utility if you need to free up space.

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