Hyperoo Backup Server

The Hyperoo Server is installed on the machine which is the destination for your backups.  It consists of a windows service and a configuration utility.  The backup configuration is very simple, consisting of basic network settings, designation of backup folders and encryption settings.


Port Selection

The Hyperoo Server will listen for incoming backups on the port selected. Ensure that the port has been configured on your firewall. You can test the connection between the client and server from the Status tab on the client configuration utility (see here).


Storage Arrays

You can configure unlimited storage arrays on a server. A storage array is a destination folder for a backup. You may set a username and password for an array to ensure it can only be accessed by a Hyperoo Client configured with the same username and password. When backups run, you will be able to locate the backed up files by browsing to the storage array folder using windows explorer.

Previous versions (a history of backups) can be enabled on the “Previous versions” tab. This will allow you to keep a history of x number of backups. These versions will be kept for as long as you wish and they can be browsed directly from the Hyperoo Server using the browse button. Unwanted versions can also be manually deleted.  As of version 1.6.17 you can manage previous version using VSS snapshots or by keeping rollback files using Hyperoo Rewind.  See the section on Hyperoo Rewind for more information.



If you are using encryption for secure data transfer, you must set the password and key size. Any Hyperoo Client which uses this server as a backup destination must have matching encryption settings.  When configuring network and encryption settings you can verify if the client and server can talk to each other by testing the network connection from the Client Configuration (see here).


The troubleshooting tab allows you quick access to the following information:

  • Hyperoo event logs
  • Build a diagnostic file set for support purposes
  • Visit our support website

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