Another Beta Update

We just uploaded the latest beta build (v2.0.0.3b) so please feel free to download or update.

We have fixed a few things including the service connection and file system component installation problems.

As part of the initial beta feeback we decided to modify our data file format to provide better support for non-Hyper V backup sets with a large volume of files.  This means that you should completely uninstall any existing V2 beta before upgrading (sorry!).  It has made us think a bit though and we may make some further changes to this in the very near future but after that it will settle down and we will support the ability to install V2 over existing installations (just like Hyperoo V1.6 works right now).

So far feeback has been very good, we definitely missed a few things in our testing, but nothing serious.  As such there is now a list of folks out there who will be getting free Hyperoo V2 Live Backup licenses.  Go ahead and download the beta, email us a new bug or fault report and we will get you on the list as well.

Another update will be coming soon, but for now let me say a HUGE thank you to our customers and beta testers (and those of you who are both!)

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