Hyperoo 1.5 is alive

At last we have officially released Hyperoo 1.5. A lot of you are already familiar with the great new features we have added, but for those of you who aren't, here's what's new:

  • Store and manage previous versions of your backups using the Volume Shadow Service or a network share
  • Backup directly to a network share without the need to run the Hyperoo server
  • Easier access to logs and settings files from the new Troubleshooting tab
  • Major improvements to the Hyperoo Server. You can now have as many backup arrays as you need. No more 4 array limitation!
  • Start and stop your backups directly from within the Hyperoo Client Config
  • Improved resource utlization on the Hyperoo Server. Backup and Restore processes are serviced by a single port number and launched only when securely triggered by the Hyperoo Client
Remember, it's FREE to upgrade your existing installation to Hyperoo 1.5! A point to note if you are upgrading:
  • Hyperoo 1.5 will work with the existing settings for the Hyperoo Client, but you will need to reconfigure the Hyperoo Server settings. Subsequent releases will not require this, and if you re-install Hyperoo 1.5 over an existing 1.5 installation, both client and server settings will be preserved.
We are continuing to work hard on even more improvements in version 1.6, and dare I even mention version 2? Let's just say we are very excited about what's brewing in the lab right now for version 2. Picture foaming beakers and insane laughter...

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