Hyperoo 1.6 released

Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but Hyperoo 1.6 is finally available for public download. You can get the latest version by hitting the "Try It For Free" link at the top of our Web site.

So, we're a bit later than expected, but frankly we've implemented some fantastic changes, and hopefully increased backup speeds for the majority of our users. As this is a backup product and we value our customers data like our own, we've delayed this release in order to be completely confident of its stability! So, here's a rundown of the main features in Hyperoo 1.6 and why you should upgrade:

  • Our own home grown RSYNC replacement which is faster and more efficient, especially on larger files (VHDs, EDBs, MDBs etc.).
  • Improved network share support in both the client and the server components.
  • Greater tolerance of transitory network failures (WAN/VPN etc.).
  • Enhanced client status page showing exactly what's happening in the backup process.
  • Improved CPU and memory utilisation during local and remote backups.
  • Upgrade is free! Any licenses purchased/issued will fully work with version 1.6.

So, we're very happy and proud of what we've achieved in version 1.6, and we look forward to receiving your feedback on it. As usual we welcome anything constructive, and are generous to a fault with complimentary licenses to anybody that helps us with the continual effort to improve Hyperoo. And its far too early to be talking about version 2.0...I mean I wish I could say something about it, but I'm sworn to secrecy....

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