Hyperoo 2.0 beta is here at last

Hyperoo 2.0 featuring Real-Time Live Backup!

Come and get it folks.  We know it took a long time but we think it will have been worth the wait - at last Hyperoo 2.0 is here.

Hyperoo 2.0 provides all the great features you currently get from Hyperoo 1 plus:

  • Real time live backup of your important data
  • A cleaner simpler user interface
  • Ability to remotely manage Hyperoo Client and Server installations using the Hyperoo 2 Management Console
  • Rules to exclude files and folders from backups
  • Improved status reporting and backup logs

 You can download the beta here

 There is also a quick start pdf document here although we think that Hyperoo 2 will be simple enough for existing users of Hyperoo

OK... so I keep bolding and italicising any mention of real time live backup  so I guess I had better explain why.

The ability to provide an always on real time backup feature has been our major goal since we started working on Hyperoo.  This is especially relevant to applications like Hyper-V because they present a particular backup challenge due to the sizes of files involved.  We felt from the outset that, whilst being able to run backups every few hours, it would much be better if files were kept continously synchronized between the host machine and the backup destination.  This would negate the need to run regular backups which can be heavy on disk and network IO. 

Notice that I used the word synchronized, this is a prominent term in Hyperoo 2.0.  Let me elaborate...

In order to be able to maintain a real time copy of your data in a backup folder, Hyperoo 2.0 needs to first make an initial copy of the host files before it can then stream real time changes.  We refer to this process as synchronization.   Once synchronization has completed Hyperoo 2.0 will continually update the the files in the backup folder without the need to run a regular backup.  We can even support the ability to manage previous versions for these files.

If for any reason live backup is stopped for one or more files, then these files will need to be synchronized again.  You can configure Hyperoo 2.0 to regularly check for files which need synchronized as easily as scheduling a regular backup.  When the synchronization schedule is due, Hyperoo will only synchronize files which are not currently being backed up in real time.

Download the beta and give it a try.  We are very keen to hear what you think and, as always, we will reward new bug reports with a free Hyperoo license!

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