Hyperoo 2.1.09 improves performance for large backup sets

Not everyone uses Hyperoo to backup their Hyper-V files.  It's actually a great general purpose backup tool and many of our customers use it to protect their organization's data files.

There were a couple of nagging issues however, and we've tackled these in the latest update.


Support for network backups
There was no support to backup files on a network share.  Hyperoo could only target files stored on local NTFS volumes because it triggered the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) service for every backup.  

You can now opt not to use VSS and can also specifiy credentials which will allow you to backup non-NTFS volumes and network folders.  Look for the new option in the Files and Folders tab of the Backup Task configuration.

Support for file file paths greater than 260 characters
File paths greater than 260 characters on the Hyperoo Client or Hyperoo Server were inaccessible to Hyperoo.  This caused errors when file paths in the backup array were greater than 260 characters. 

Hyperoo now supports long files paths on both the Hyperoo Client and Hyperoo Server. 

Improved comparison of "Last Modified" times
The duration to compare the "Last Modified" times for a large number for files was too long.  For a typical Hyper-V backup this was not noticeable due to the small number of files, but for tens or hundreds of thousands of files it became very noticeable and in some cases greatly extended the backup duration.

We totally re-worked this process to be much more suited to a large volume of files.  Backup times will be much reduced in this scenario.

Check out the release notes for more details and important information about compatibility with previous versions of Hyperoo

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