Hyperoo 2.2 Released

It's here at last - Hyperoo 2.2 with Change Tracking  - YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Hyperoo 2.2 adds a great new backup option called Change Tracking

Change Tracking dramatically improves the speed of your scheduled backups by keeping track of all file changes, then sending these changes to the Hyperoo Server without the need to perform lengthy file comparisons.  It is built upon our Live backup technology and provides an excellent option for users who do not wish to stream changes in real time. It is simple to configure, just select the "Change Tracking" option on the "Backup Mode" tab of your backup task and Hyperoo will do the rest. 

How does it work?

  • Change Tracking works by first synchronizing the source and backup files to ensure that they are identical.
  • Any write operations to your source files are then tracked and logged until the next backup.  
  • When a backup runs, the stored write operations are examined to determine which parts of your source files have been modified.
  • The modified file data is then sent to the Hyperoo Server and used to update your backup files.  There is no need to scan the source and backup files to detect changes!

What does it mean for you?

  • Backups will run faster
  • Backups will consume much less system resources such as memory and disk I/O
  • You can run backups more often

As with Live backup, this feature will not work on a Cluster Shared Volume environment although this is something we should be able to address for Server 2012 users in the future. 

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