Hyperoo Live - Free License

With the launch of the Hyperoo 2.0 beta and the new technologies associated with it (see our Hyperoo 2.0 blog posts!), it’s always a tough decision on where to throw our marketing dollars!

Yes, it would be very easy to give it all to Google for an AdWords campaign, or use the money to fund a backup related fact finding trip to Vegas.

But this time round we’ve decided to allocate a generous percentage of our marketing dollars to you, our users.

We’re proud and excited by the new Live Streaming backup feature in Hyperoo 2.0, and we know how much our users are going to benefit from backups that are always current, not lagging behind by days or hours.

So help us spread the word on Hyperoo 2.0 – simply write us up a review/news/blog/interest item on your website, and we’ll happily ensure you get a free license.

Email us the URL (info@hyperoo.net), and we’ll see that a license reaches you by return – but please hurry, there’s a limited number of licenses up for grabs!

And of course this doesn’t preclude us from still doing the trip to Vegas ...

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