Live backup and CSV

Right now we cannot support live backup for Cluster Shared Volumes but support is planned for Windows Server 2012.

During the development of Hyperoo 2.0 we conducted some basic tests on our cluster environment to see how easy or hard it would be to provide full live backup support.  We learned that Windows Server 2008 has some restrictions on the type of file system drivers that can be used in a cluster environment.  Hyperoo 2's continuous backup driver falls into this restricted category and any attempt to use it causes the cluster to remain in redirected mode. 

From the point of view of the cluster logic this makes sense, but the good news is that it looks Windows Server 2012 has some improvements in this area which will allow us to provide live backup support.

We plan to get full cluster support in the next couple of months. 

For now you can still peform periodic backups of your cluster using Hyperoo 2.0.  During installation you will need to un-check the "Live Backup Client Components" option to prevent installation of the Hyperoo file system driver.  After that you will be good to go.

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