Solving a Hypothetical Backup Problem

We're the first to admit it: it's time for a break. We've been so focused on developing the best Hyper-V Backup solution out there, it's high time we take a break from programming and look at this thing from our customers' point of view! Why would anyone choose Hyperoo to solve their Hyper-V Backup issues? Well, here is our programming guru's analysis of a typical problem that Hyperoo helps solve:
Problem: We are now running a lot of our clients on virtual servers, but these are difficult to back up as we need to schedule down-time to do it. The files are very large so backups can take some time, so our down-time is potentially longer than is acceptable. We also need to get our data backed up to a remote machine, outside our network, and this needs to be done in a manner which complies with our security requirements for data transmitted across the WAN. Now, we know we can string together various tools and scripts to run diskshadow, and copy or ftp files across the network, but this is not a simple task to set up, nor to schedule and maintain. We need a simple and reliable way to get our virtuals backed up to a remote location regularly.
Hyperoo Solution: Hyperoo automates the process of creating a snapshot of a running Hyper-V instance, and securely transmitting this snapshot across the LAN or WAN to a machine running the Hyperoo server. It does this by co-ordinating the creation of a volume shadow copy, then transmitting new and updated data for each file using the highly efficient rsync algorithm. This reduces the network utilization required when backing up large files. For data which is to be sent across an unsecured or public network, Hyperoo can be configured to encrypt the network transmission using AES encryption. Hyperoo will allow you to create multiple backup schedules to handle Hyper-V instances which need to be backed up on varying time intervals and potentially to varying destination servers. You can keep informed of the progress of each backup schedule by configuring email notifications.
So here is what Hyperoo savesour customers from having to do:
  1. Configure Diskshadow to snapshot your Hyper-V files.
  2. Configure a secure network transmission of data to a remote server.
  3. Configure a remote server to accept the incoming data transmission.
  4. Send full versions of Hyper-V files across the network for each backup.
  5. Configure a scheduler to run all of the above periodically.
  6. Deal with the complexity of having to do all of the above for different files, going to different machines on different schedules.
Is Hyperoo the Killer App for Hyper-V Backup? We'll let you be the judge of that, but with new features coming thick & fast over the next few releases, we're hoping you won't need to look elsewhere :) DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA ON HOW WE CAN IMPROVE HYPEROO? OR CAN YOU THINK OF A NEW APPLICATION FOR IT? LET US KNOW BY COMMENTING BELOW! Blog by Gavin

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