Why v2 is better than MS Replica

A lot of customers are asking why they'd want Hyperoo v2.0, given Windows Server 2012 comes with a great inbuilt Replica feature?

Well, the replica feature of 2012 is undoubtedly a great addition.  In fact, it's something we expect to drive interest in Hyperoo. Here's why:

  • Replica transmits every five minutes; Hyperoo transmits approx. every 10 seconds
  • Hyperoo supports Windows 7, Window 8, Server 2008 & R2; 2012 Replica supports .. well just 2012!
  • Hyperoo supports replication of any file type; Replica only supports virtuals
  • Hyperoo's alerting is much better in the event of failure
  • Hyperoo is much more configurable, giving you a lot more control over clients, servers, compression & encryption

Of course the differences are more detailed, but this summarizes the key advantages v2.0 offers over Microsoft 2012 Replica.

We're hoping our almost inconceivably keen price point - combined with our feature set - makes the decision very easy for technical administrators.

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