It's great when something just works.

Had a customer who, at 11:21 this morning, overwrote 450,000 customer records on an MS SQL database, giving them all the same details (names, addresses, bank accounts, telephone numbers etc)

Fortunately we were using Hyperoo Live Backup on this VPS with hourly versions and 10 previous versions being retained.

Using the Hyperoo Server we rolled-back the VHDX file to the previous 11:15 backup (I love the fact that Hyperoo stores this "rolled back" version in a separate folder for easy access).

We then copied the rolled-back version to a different hyper-V server, mounted the VHDX file, extracted the relevant database files, attached them to a different MS SQL DB server from the original, and the database files attached worked first!!!.

We managed to access all the data from before our customer made the mistake and we now have one very happy (and relieved) customer.

The still have a bit of work to do to move the customer data back to the live server, but Hyperoo saved their day. It's probably also true to say that it saved their business too.

What a brilliant product. Keep up the good work.

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