IT'S SIMPLE! Hyperoo backs up ALL your Windows data (files, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V hosts, etc) either live 24/7, or on a schedule of your choosing. It encrypts your data and transfers it securely over your network/internet connection - to either your chosen server location, or our secure cloud!

Hyperoo is Backup

Hyperoo backs up any Windows data (file shares, SQL dbases, Exchange, Hyper-V hosts) to your remote Hyperoo server across your network/internet. Backup schedules are highly customisable, transfers are securely encrypted and the transfer process itself fast. As well as scheduled backups Hyperoo can stream changes to your files live as they happen, so your backups are only a matter of seconds out of date on your backup server.

Hyperoo is Intelligent

Hyperoo integrates with the windows file system and keeps track of changes to your files as they happen*.  This enables it to back up your data in real time or run super fast backups without having to perform lengthy file comparisons.

Hyperoo is Fast

To ensure efficiency during backups, Hyperoo only transfers the data that's changed (the delta). This means it can take just minutes to backup an entire 1Tb Hyper-V server over a slow speed link. And this makes it ideal for backups over a public network like the Internet!  

Hyperoo is Secure

Moving sensitive backup data over the Internet is always a concern, but Hyperoo allows you to securely encrypt your data during transmission. This is done using modern AES encryption standard.

Hyperoo is Simple

There really isn't much to configure!  A simple Microsoft Windows installation can be run right out of the box - just tell the application which files you want to backup.  Of course the detailed options are there if you want them, and if you find it all a little daunting we're always at the end of an email or phone to help out!

Hyperoo is Cost-Effective

Whilst other Microsoft Windows backup suites cost thousands , Hyperoo's a snip at just $149 per client license!

Hyperoo is Restore

Easily restore any of your Backups onto remote servers using Hyperoo's built-in Restore interface. Transfers are securely encrypted and you only transfer the differential, so it's lightning fast to boot!


 * Live backup and Change Tracking functionality is not supported for Cluster Shared Volume configurations


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